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Regards from … Landscapes on picture postcards
At the Linzer Zimmer

  • Exhibition view, Regards from … Landscapes on picture postcards. At the Linzer Zimmer, 2016

Picture postcards testify to places where people relax, where they feel at home, where they work or where they would ideally like to be. For more than a hundred years they have shaped our ideas about the landscapes of our world. 

The exhibition presents three different aspects of landscapes on picture postcards. The emotional aspect is the key that unlocks the feelings evoked by landscape pictures. The aspect of feeling at home is represented in a catalogue of Upper Austria’s landscapes comprising picture postcards of the province’s 442 municipalities. The artistic aspect is conveyed by picture postcards designed by artists. 

The exhibition is part of the project Landschaft oder der Genuss der Weltoberfläche” [Landscapes or Taking pleasure in the surface of the earth], organised jointly by Landesgalerie Linz, afo architekturforum oö, StifterHaus and the Künstler- und Künstlerinnenvereinigung MAERZ.

Curator: Gerhard Brandl

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