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baubesprechung 63: Social Linz – Kühnes buildings for everybody


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Fri 03.12baubesprechung 63: Social Linz – Kühnes buildings for everybody 2:00 pm–4:00 pm

A city tour with Austria Guide Wolfram B. Starczewski. Along the way, surprise guests from past and present will contribute their experiences, stories and expertise.

In the span of less than five years, three essential building blocks” of Linz’s modern spatial development on its way to becoming a major city were created. In 1926, the Municipal People’s Kitchen replaced or expanded the soup kitchen on today’s Herbert-Bayer-Platz, which had been operated rather provisionally until then. The Meat Market Hall, at that time the largest wooden hall construction in Austria, set new standards of municipal food security from 1929 onwards with its ultra-modern equipment. In 1930, the year it opened, the Parkbad was the first leisure facility of its kind in Upper Austria. With its tub and shower baths, the building was also an achievement of social policy, since only a few households had adequate sanitary facilities.

All three buildings were constructed according to plans by Curt Kühne. It is not only the social program and functionality that are convincing. The high artistic standards of the buildings and the prudence of their urban planning make them timeless architectural models of inestimable value for the city.

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7-18 years, free admission under 7 years
Price includes admission fee for the museum
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