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Hitler’s Father. How the son became a dictator. Lecture and talk with Roman Sandgruber and Andrea Bina

  • Exhibition view, Young Hitler (31 letters as spectacular discovery), 2021


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Thu 14.10Hitler’s Father. How the son became a dictator. Lecture and talk with Roman Sandgruber and Andrea Bina 6:00 pm–7:00 pm
A spectacular source finding was the occasion: a bundle of 31 letters written by Adolf Hitler’s father to Josef Radlegger, a street foreman from Wels, which were saved in an attic from the Nazi era. The letters open up for the first time a closer look at the personality of Hitler’s father and at the family’s economic and social environment. Hitler’s youth in Upper Austria, which after all encompassed a third of his life and during which the later dictator lived at 18 different addresses over 18 years, is strangely poorly researched. The roots of Hitler’s thinking and actions lie in Upper Austria. His anticlericalism, his German nationalism, his anti-semitism as well as his racial doctrine were preformed here.

Roman Sandgruber (Em. Prof. Johannes Kepler University) is able to clarify numerous myths and provide possible answers with a precise knowledge of the social and political milieu and with a variety of new sources. Andrea Bina (Director Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz) will talk with Sandgruber about his research.

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