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Workshop: Media artist mothers


Date Title Time
Sat 18.02Workshop: Media artist mothers 2:00 pm–5:00 pm

Where are the media artist mothers?

The workshop Where are the media artist mothers? is an initiative to collectively engage the participants around issues arising for (media) artists after becoming mothers/​parents – ranging from conceptual changes in their work to institutional awareness regarding their needs. 

Divided into four different stages, the workshop dynamic is based on circular organization and self-regulating mechanisms, evolving from words to actions. In the first part, the participants are invited to discuss randomly selected quotes from the context of becoming a mother(or parent) and their involvement in artistic production. This phase outputs named elements, agencies and actions to be incorporated in a collective composition in the second stage, through the use of concrete objects, including the use of software to play with hidden structures of the environment being designed. The third phase is informed by the collective creation of the previous one, by means of inviting the participants to enact it. The conclusive fourth stage is a conversation reviewing the workshop process, pointing towards concrete resolutions for the problems regarding being simultaneously mother and artist, including towards the power of the network that may emerge among the participants. 

Free Admission

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