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Workshop zu: Mind-Crossing Walking Act 2021

Mind Crossing tells the story of Arye and Sonja, Tal Gurs’ grandparents, who survived the Holocaust and then had to make a years-long odyssey through Europe before they could build a new life in Palestine/​Israel. Based on the letters Arye wrote to his sister Fruma in Palestine and on interviews Tal conducted with his mother, Jasmin and Tal translate the story into the language of dance, theater, music, sounds and poetry.

The story is not set in Linz, but Linz history has shaped it. As the city where Hitler or Eichmann spent their youth, Linz is an important place of these references, and we ask ourselves what all this has to do with us today. We confront ourselves with content brought to the surface by the exhibition of The Young Hitler and thus see the city space with new eyes.

Already for the 4th time we invite you to experience your own history anew with the multimedia performance Mind-Crossing. After the last performances, the desire for more intensive reflection emerged. However, this requires time and the possibility of digestion. Therefore we invite for the next day, Saturday 16.10., to come into an informal exchange with the artists and to use their respective artistic methods to try out a new form of thinking about history. To make this a success, we invite you to a small breakfast.

Concept, composition, music, workshop: Tal Gur

Concept, choreography, dance: Jasmin Avissar

Dance, workshop: Žiga Jereb

Acting and texts: Katrin Grumeth

Co-dramaturgy, workshop: Karin Schneider

Research and guided tour: Casimir Paltinger

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Mind-Crossing Walking Act 2021 & Workshop
Performance, Workshop, Breakfast
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