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Green urban oasis: The Nordico forecourt

The Nordico forecourt is currently being prepared for a springtime awakening. A redesign and greening with umbrella platans and new plant beds are transforming the square in front of the City Museum into an inner-city climatic oasis.

In the course of the remodeling work, the pavement was broken up and new plant beds were set. Amber trees, umbrella platans and leather pod trees now complement the existing tree population. The crowns of the umbrella platans serve as natural shade, providing much-needed cooling for the forecourt. Rising temperatures have taken their toll on the City Museum in recent years. The transformation of the forecourt into a green urban oasis will also prevent the museum from overheating.

The funding for the redesign of the square comes from the city’s climate fund and will be used to implement the project Gegen Hitzeinseln in der Stadt”. The redesign was planned by the landscape architecture firm Karin Standler and implemented by JOHA Gartenbau.

Time-lapse: Building the new forecourt

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