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The Nordico’s rich collection is made up of the art collection, the city history collection and the archaeological collection. The art collection, with its around 1,800 paintings, 4,000 mixed prints and 1,800 portraits, has strong connections to the city of Linz, but is also of international significance. It also includes a print collection of about 8,000 sheets, the topographical collection of about 3,000 depictions of Linz and an extensive photo collection (daguerreotypes, historical depictions of Linz).

The art collection also includes those works that have been acquired over the years by the Art Advisory Board of the City of Linz. Since 1993 the City of Linz has appointed a duo of curators every two years with whose help it continues to expand its art collection. These acquisitions become part of the NORDICO stock and are exhibited in the City Museum.

The city historical collection is another important component. It includes historical items of crafts and trade, clocks, textiles, various objects from political history and folklore, bequests, etc.

Nordico Fotoarchiv Online

Die Online Datenbank des Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz bietet Ihnen einen Einblick in das umfangreiche historische Fotoarchiv des Stadtmuseums und konnte dank einer Projektförderung des Bundeskanzleramts realisiert werden. Die aktuell rund 30.000 Fotografien online werden fortlaufend aktualisiert sowie mit ausgewählten Werken und Objekten aus den unterschiedlichen Sammlungsbeständen des Nordico angereichert.

Hier geht’s zum Nordico Fotoarchiv Online

Archaeological Collection

The archaeological collection of the NORDICO was given to the Upper Austrian Museum Landesmuseum in 2017 as a permanent loan. The collection consists of objects that were recovered during various excavations. Among them are internationally significant finds from the burial grounds of the Bronze and Hallstatt periods, Roman antiquity and the Bavarian period, as well as the unique Celtic treasure” of Gründberg. The main focus of the excavations in recent years has been on the Keplerwiese near Linz Castle.

Currently, the exhibition offers 100% Linz. Kaleidoscope of a City”, with hundreds of exhibits from the in-house collection offering a broad cross-section of the NORDICO’s collection holdings. However, the objects in the collection form an important basis for our temporary exhibitions as well. We make every effort to weave the in-house exhibits into the temporary shows in order to provide the best possible insight into the breadth of our collections.

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