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A View of Linz

By its very nature, the Nordico as a city museum has one main protagonist: Linz. The diversity of the city, its uniqueness, varying characteristics and special quirks are always within view.

Linz in brief

  • Experience the history of Linz
  • Plaster model of the Trinity Column Linz, 1850
  • Be part of the Open City Archive
  • Stadtmuse
  • Care Paket, um 1950
  • Browse the Linz Library
  • Maximilian Koller, Children of guest workers in Alt-Urfahr, 1980s
  • Gregor Graf, Hidden Town, 2004

The new exhibition of the collection focuses entirely on the condensed history of the city. Here 2,500 years of Linz can be experienced in rapid motion.

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