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Guided tours & events

Guided Tours & City Talks

The art and culture education department wants to enter into a dialogue with you. Bring in your own memories, your personal city stories and express yourself on current developments in the city. We will listen and discuss your experiences with you.

Individual Guided Tours

Book your individual guided tour to one of our current exhibitions. The art and culture education responds to the needs of your group.

Hitler's Father. How the son became a dictator

Nordico director Andrea Bina talks with historian Roman Sandgruber about his more spectacular source find: a bundle of 31 letters written by Adolf Hitler's father to Josef Radlegger, the Wels street foreman, which were saved from the Nazi era in an attic.

Mind-Crossing Walking Act 2021

Mind Cros­sing erzählt die Geschich­te von Arye und Son­ja, Tal Gurs’ Groß­el­tern, wel­che den Holo­caust über­leb­ten und danach eine jah­re­lan­ge Irr­fahrt durch Euro­pa auf sich neh­men muss­ten, bevor sie in Palästina/​Israel ein neu­es Leben auf­bau­en konn­ten. Basie­rend auf den Brie­fen, die Arye an sei­ne Schwes­ter Fru­ma nach Paläs­ti­na schrieb und auf Inter­views, die Tal mit sei­ner Mut­ter führ­te über­set­zen Jas­min und Tal die Geschich­te in die Spra­che von Tanz, Thea­ter, Musik, Klän­gen und Poesie.


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