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Successful projects depend on people who support them. The basic financial contribution from the City of Linz and the donation from LINZ AG ensure that the museum has long-term cultural security. Nevertheless, Nordico’s ambitious program of exhibitions and events would not be possible without the active support of sponsors. The Nordico – a networked, lively place of storytelling and innovative museum work – offers sponsors the opportunity to present themselves as prominent players in our society. The central location of the museum in the urban environment, as well as the concious involvement of the museum’s activities in the intersection of media, city politics and visitors, opens up a wide range of options for targeted additions to the communication portfolio and for successful image transfer to customers and opinion leaders. 

The Nordico as a partner… 

  • stands for identification with the past, present and future of the city of Linz 
  • combines art, architecture and design with social and societal questions and developments surprises with original and innovative museum work 
  • shows courage to invest in the future cooperates successfully with the business community 
  • By partnering with Nordico, you are part of Linz’s cultural life and promote interdisciplinary discourse.

By partnering with Nordico, you are part of Linz’s cultural life and promote interdisciplinary discourse. 

Every partnership should bear mutual fruit 

How do you benefit from a commitment as a sponsor? 

  • A cooperation with the Nordico enables you to tap into new interest groups and connect to existing ones more strongly.
    Cultural sponsoring complements and strengthens the classic instruments of marketing and public relations. It is targeted, visible and versatile. 
  • A partnership is usable in a variety of ways in communication. 
  • Through your cultural and social commitment to the museum, you convey to your target groups what values your company stands for. 
  • The institutional safeguarding as an important cultural institution of the City of Linz offers a long-term, solid basis that ensures all possibilities of a longer-term cooperation. 

The concrete spectrum of services depends on the type and scope of the partnership and ranges from classic communication services such as logo presence and public relations to joint advertising campaigns and exclusive tours and events. 

Since we believe that we know our audience and target groups best, we will be happy to advise you in a direct conversation on how you can best make your mark.Partnerships from many Areas and Sectors.


Katharina Paulischin-Prammer
+43 732 7070 3646

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