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Successful projects depend on the people who support them. The basic remuneration provided to the museum by the City of Linz is the most important financial pillar on which it rests and guarantees the museum’s long-term cultural political efficacy. Nevertheless, the Nordico’s ambitious exhibition and event programme would not be possible without energetic support from sponsors. 

The Stadtmuseum as a networked, lively venue for the telling of stories about Linz’s history and its present and future offers sponsors not only an opportunity to support culture, but to present themselves as prominent players in our society. The central location of the museum in the city and the intensive perception of the museum’s activities in the interlinking context of media, urban policy, and visitors opens up a wealth of options for a targeted expansion of the communications portfolio aimed at clients and opinion leaders.

A partnership with the Nordico makes you part of Linz’s cultural life and allows you to contribute to the interdisciplinary discourse.

Premium Corporate Partner

As an energy and infrastructure corporation solidly anchored in the region, we provide attractive impulses over and above our core agenda. Under the title LINZ AG Kulturzeit, for example, we have proved a reliable partner for regional institutions of culture. In view of the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, we have strengthened our engagement in certain areas and have entered into a new partnership with the Lentos Kunstmuseum and the Nordico Stadtmuseum for 2022 and 2023. We are delighted that, at these two prestigious institutions, Sundays will become LINZ AG SONNTAGE – with two-for-one concessions for all visitors and free admission for children up to the age of 13.”

DI Erich Haider, MBA, CEO LINZ AG


Mag. Doris Günther
Marketing & Kooperationen

+43 732 7070 3646

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