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About Nordico

Typically Linz?! The Nordico Stadtmuseum offers a unique experience for everyone who wants to get to know the history, identity and culture of Linz. Through historical exhibits from the diverse collection of the city museum and lively mediation, visitors can discover the diversity of the city, its uniqueness and special characteristics. Dive deep into the city’s history or experience 2000 years of Linz in fast motion: everything is possible at the Nordico.


The Stadtmuseum Linz, opened in 1973, has a special place in the Upper Austrian museum scene: it contains a rich collection of art, photography, archaeological findings and folklore artefacts. The museum is located in the town hall quarter on Dametzstraße, named after mayor Josef Dametz.

It was designed in 1610 by the Italian architect Francesco Silva as a suburban manor for the Kremsmünster Abbey. The name Nordico originates from when the Jesuits ran the house as Collegium Nordicum for pupils from Scandinavia. The boarding school was closed by Josef II. In 1911 the city of Linz acquired the building, which was repeatedly used as a living residence.

The Nordico City Museum – a networked, lively place of storytelling and innovative museum work is also a place of learning and education and stands for Linz’s identity in the context of the city’s history. Continuously produced filmic portraits of contemporaries, a book edition and art and cultural education are essential components of the exhibitions.

Project: Nordico forecourt becomes green urban oasis

A redesign and greening with umbrella platans and new plant beds transform the square in front of the City Museum into an inner-city climatic oasis. The transformation of the forecourt into a green urban oasis is also intended to prevent the museum from overheating.

Schaudepot in der Tabakfabrik Linz

Das 2022 eingerichtete Schau­de­pot in der Tabakfabrik Linz bie­tet einen Blick hin­ter die Kulis­sen der Muse­ums­ar­beit des Nordico. Kalei­do­sko­pisch prä­sen­tie­ren sich rund 550 Expo­na­te aus Kunst, Kunst­hand­werk, All­tag, Hand­werk und Indus­trie auf 360 m². Das Schau­de­pot ist über das​„Beh­rens-Band“, das täg­lich von 7.00 – 17.00 in der Tabak­fa­brik Linz begeh­bar ist, durch Schaufenster ein­seh­bar. An den Schei­ben ent­lang des Depots sind QR-Codes ange­bracht, die es den Besucher*innen ermög­li­chen, indi­vi­du­ell mit dem Smart­pho­ne Infor­ma­tio­nen zu den aus­ge­stell­ten Objek­ten abzu­ru­fen. Mit Füh­run­gen nach Vereinbarung kann es auch von innen besich­tigt werden.

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Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz
Simon-Wiesenthal-Platz 1, 4020 Linz

T +43 732 7070 1901

Opening hours

Day of week Opening hours
TuSu 10 am – 6 pm
Th 10 am – 8 pm
Mo closed
Premium Corporate Partner
Awarded the Austrian Eco-Label for Museums
Museen der Stadt Linz

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