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Linz in brief
A brief History of the City

  • Experience the history of Linz
  • Plaster model of the Trinity Column Linz, 1850
  • Be part of the Open City Archive
  • Stadtmuse
  • Care Paket, um 1950
  • Browse the Linz Library
  • Maximilian Koller, Children of guest workers in Alt-Urfahr, 1980s
  • Gregor Graf, Hidden Town, 2004

The new exhibition focuses entirely on the condensed history of the city. The ground floor of the Nordico, which was specially converted for this purpose, is the only location in Linz where the history of the city is told concisely in eight chapters. More than 2,000 years of Linz can be experienced here at an accelerated pace. The new format uses a variety of media to summarise the city’s formative events and shows its development from a Celtic settlement to a provincial capital, from a trans-regional transport hub to a centre of industry and finally to an independent city of culture. In the process, it becomes apparent that these events were influenced by a number of different factors, such as the city’s location on the Danube or its shifting political ideologies. 

With plenty of scope for visitors to delve further and linger, this journey through the chronicle of the provincial capital offers something new for everyone. An animated film dedicated to the city can be viewed in the Linzer Zimmer [Linz Room], and there is an extensive reference library and freely available tablets with access to the Nordico media library and the online collection.

In September 2023, the reconceived exhibition of the collections will finally undergo a complete expansion over the entire 2nd Floor. In the exhibition Linz Blick [A View of Linz], the focus is on the city as it is constructed and as it is experienced. We ask ourselves what typical Linz signifies and examine how the past connects with the present and what continuities can be discerned up to the present day.

Curators: Andrea Bina, Lisa Schmidt

Graphics & Exhibition Design: Abteilung eins

Exhibition Architecture: any:time architekten

Group Tours

Themed tours on individual special questions of the city’s history or a quick tour through Linz’s history. Put together your own individual guided tour!


Searching for clues with the City Muse”

Put together your own little information booklet and use the action cards to come up with new ways and thoughts! For families and school classes. From October 2023


*Unfortunately, our videos are only available in German language.

#Film: Linz in brief


Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz
Simon-Wiesenthal-Platz 1, 4020 Linz

T +43 732 7070 1901

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Museen der Stadt Linz

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