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A View of Linz
A Focus on the City

  • Gunther Damisch, Linz, 1990
  • Friederike Stolz, Linz Grotto Train Dwarf, 1972

By its very nature, the Nordico as a city museum has one main protagonist: Linz. The diversity of the city, its uniqueness, varying characteristics and special quirks are always within view. In this new part of the collection on display, works of art as well as folkloristic objects and other rare documents bear witness to the people* of Linz, their traditions and special events. These include the ever-changing cityscape, mobility, urban life, artistic achievements, outstanding personalities, historical events and attributions, such as that of the Führer City” , the only one in Austria during the National Socialist dictatorship. As a stronghold of industry, business and the working environment also take centre stage. Finally, one question will always remain: What typifies Linz?

New forms of access such as augmented reality are used to bring the various areas of focus to life, and in between visitors* regularly meet the museum’s two fictitious residents*: the City Muse and Mr. Hofrat, the privy councillor.

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