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A View of Linz
A Focus on the City

The focus of the Stadtmuseum’s collection is quite clear: the diversity of Linz in all its manifestations and facets. In this part of the collection on display, works of art along with folkloric objects and other rare documents bear witness in equal measure to the citizens* of Linz, their traditions and to specific occurrences. This includes the ever-changing cityscape, urban life, as well as historical events and attributions such as that of steel city or Führer city”, the only one within Austria during the National Socialist dictatorship. What connects this past with the present and what continuities are still discernible today?

We also ask ourselves the questions, what it is that typsches Linz and what it is like living in the Danube city on the edge of the Alps? The exhibits

originate from different epochs and recount tales of forgotten, mundane and extraordinary moments from different perspectives. Together they reveal the special features of the city and create a vivid picture of Linz.

Curators: Andrea Bina, Lisa Schmidt

Guest curators*: Tobias Hagleitner,

Michaela Nagl, Karin Schneider

Scienti c support: Birgit Kirchmayr

Graphics & exhibition design: Abteilung eins

Exhibition architecture: any:time architekten

Date Title Time
Tue 07.05Opening: Linz on Summer Vacation

The exhibition addresses the phenomenon of summer retreats and explores locations that offer the city’s population space for relaxation.

7:00 pm–9:00 pm
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Linz Augmented

With this interactive walk, 22 stations in the Nordico and in the Linz city area can be experienced in an animated way via smartphone. Explore the exhibits, murals, statues or special places on your own or with suggested routes and learn more about Linz and its history(s) in an entertaining way. 


As a family outing, part of your company party or friends’ activity: book an individual guided tour or talk on a chosen topic. 


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