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It’s me, Toni
Searching for the identity of Anton Bruckner

  • Peter Androsch Portaet Anton Bruckner Its me Toni Nordico

Anton Bruckner is not just a local phenomenon in Upper Austria, but a world-famous and highly acclaimed musician. Who was this man in whose honour the city of Linz is dedicating an entire year 200 years after his birth? We will embark on a journey into this person’s past, explore the set pieces that remain, or that have emerged over the course of time, and place them in new contexts. Between provincial dust and the big city, we meet an introverted nerd, a misunderstood genius and his search for love. The life and work of the musical genius is interpreted and questioned from today’s perspective in a diverse and critical manner and transferred to the present, taking current social issues into account.

The story of Anton Bruckner is retold and brought to life in six themed rooms. Images, original artefacts and documents as well as contemporary visualisations cast a new light on the great musician.

In cooperation with Anton Bruckner Jahr 2024

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