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100% Linz
Kaleidoscope of a city

  • Exhibition view, 100% Linz. Kaleidoscope of a city, 2021
  • Exhibition view, 100% Linz. Kaleidoscope of a city, 2021
  • Exhibition view, 100% Linz. Kaleidoscope of a city, 2021

With this exhibition the city museum shows hidden things from its archives. Just like a kaleidoscope, it mirrors Linz in many different facets, and creates new interconnections between its exhibits. An open narrative offers exciting insights into the history of the city. All exhibits are part of the museum’s own collection, and stand for a time, or an event, that is somehow connected to Linz. The question of how to cope with the legacy of the National Socialist era is addressed by the contextualisation of the statue of Aphrodite, which was presented to the city as a gift by the Führer”.

Long forgotten items, everyday items, exceptional items, or those that have never been shown before find each other in this exhibition. In a lively, and exciting sequence, themes such as Famose LinzerInnen [Famous Linzers] or In Linz daham [At home in Linz], come together. Rarities from cultural history are displayed, and image documents show formative events of the city.

Curators: Andrea Bina, Klaudia Kreslehner

Linz Office in Transition

We invite you to the Linz Office to participate in a shared store of knowledge: What does the young Hitler” have to do with us today? With Linz? With how we live in this city – and how we want to live? Give us feedback, write yourself into the city’s history and find out what others think!


*Please understand that we offer our video production in German language only.

100% Linz: The curators Andrea Bina and Klaudia Kreslehner about the exhibition

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