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Home to Great Daughters*
Time for new Monuments

  • Haus der Geschichte Österreich, Home to Great Daughters*, 2021

A phone call to the Federal Chancellor in the 1970s paved the way for married women* to have the right to decide for themselves whether to take up gainful employment or not. Fifty years later, carers* working 24 hours a day are fighting to raise public awareness of the work they do in private spaces.

By means of these and eight other stories, the exhibition Home to Great Daughters* chronicles protagonists* who were unwilling to settle for seemingly fixed boundaries and thus fought for progress, toppling clichés from their pedestals. Their commitment and their dissent shape the present and highlight the strategies capable of changing gender relations. The exhibition presented in the Linz Room is a monument to this commitment.

An exhibition in Cooperation with Haus der Geschichte Österreich. 

In cooperation with


*Please understand that we offer our video production in German language only.

#Einblicke: Heimat großer T*chter

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