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Linz on Summer Vacation
Local recreation in the Mühlviertel and Salzkammergut

  • Norbert Artner, Hallstatt Revisited I, 2023
  • Leopold Lahner, At the bathing jetty in the Salzkammergut (coloured), about 1930

The exhibition addresses the phenomenon of summer retreats and explores locations that offer the city’s population space for relaxation. These can be found in the earliest summer retreats of the Schwabenau family from Linz in Ebensee and Ischl around 1850, right up to present-day slow tourism”. Stays in recreation homes organised by companies are addressed, as are relaxing hikes along the granite hiking trail in the Mühlviertel. Evolving means of transport, from the horse-drawn railway to the car and the bicycle, give the urban population access to rural areas.

Artists such as Adalbert Stifter, Klemens Brosch and Helene Clodi-Titze discover and describe the particularities of these places in their works. Examples from the Mühlviertel are presented in cooperation with the University of Arts Linz and the Linz section of the Alpine Association.

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