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Research workshops

Category Price
Research workshop
1 hour
Research workshop
1,5 hour
Research workshop
2 hour
Prices are per pupil, admission to the museum is free for pupils in class, accompanying persons and teachers are free of charge for museum admission and educational program

The research workshop is an offer for self-exploratory learning. We use the current special exhibition as a research space and work on open questions with methods of self-exploratory learning.

All of our research workshops are suitable for High Schools and are age-appropriate. The duration of the research workshops can be individually chosen between 1 hour, 1.5 or 2 hours. Classes are always divided into small groups of max. 15 students.

Research Workshop: Built

How do spaces influence our coexistence, what kind of urban design would be important to us, and who is actually being built for in the city? Together, we will explore spaces in our school or the outdoor space around the museum and question them about their design and effect. We’ll get ideas for this from the architects Kühne and Schulte and their proposals for a social Linz. from the exhibition Built for Everyone.

Research Workshop: Contemporary History 

We use the exhibition The Young Hitler as a platform to ask our own questions: What knowledge about history, is relevant to us at all? What role does the biography of a single person, like that of Adolf Hitler, play? What connection is there between our family histories, the history of civil society in Linz and the rise of National Socialism? What role did nationalist and anti-Semitic ideologies play, and which universities and media? Starting from questions like these, the students come into an exploratory stance in the exhibition and leave their own statement on the wall of questions.

Research Workshop: Contemporary History Online

The research workshop can be booked online: as a pre- or post-processing of a museum visit but also by anyone who cannot come to Nordico! We visit the class digitally on the preferred platform (or send a zoom link on our part) and work with selected materials on the question of how we want to think about the emergence of National Socialism today.

Contact & Booking

Karin Schneider (Head of Art Education) will be happy to advise you on selecting or putting together a suitable program for your group. Send an email to: karin.​schneider@​lentos.​at, she will call you back.

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