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What the fem?
Feminist Interventions & Positions 1950 – 2022

  • push your brain, 2019
  • Goldhaube (Großmutters Erbe), [Gold cap (Grandma's heritage)], 2004

Feminism! A term that still scandalises many people, that is heatedly debated, ignored, suppressed, and defended – in a nutshell: a term that has the potential to polarise. The exhibition sees itself as a discursive contribution to this socio-political topic, which has become impossible to overlook in the arts, in the social media, and – at the latest with the appearance of the medial capital I, the asterisk, the colon and concepts such as women’s quota”, mansplaining”, femicide”, LGBTQIA+, and #metoo – in society at large.

Topical works of art and documentations of feminist actions and performances from the last seventy years raise questions of equality, gender stereotypes, and their social consequences.

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